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Welcome to the Actalis website!

Actalis designs, develops, delivers and manages services and solutions for on-line security, digital signatures and document certification; develops and offers PKI-enabling components, supplies complete digital signature and strong authentication kits (including hardware and software), delivers ICT security consultancy and training.

Actalis is a leading provider of certification services accredited by AgID, as well as a provider of certified electronic mail (PEC). Actalis also provides digital time-stamping services, bulk unattended digital signature and document dematerialization solutions.

Actalis is your ideal partner for all security projects based on PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) or OTP (One-Time Password) technologies, and for addressing in the most effective way all of your challenges related to digital signatures, encryption, strong authentication, identity management, electronic documents.

Services and solutions

Certified Electronic Mail


Certified electronic mail ("Posta Elettronica Certificata", PEC) is a legally binding electronic communication system. Unlike plain e-mail, PEC has the same legal value of the traditional registered mail with return-receipt, with the added value of content and transmission time certification. Actalis is an accredited PEC provider. We offer a PEC service with outstanding performances at an unbeatable price...

Digital Signature


A digital signatures is the electronic equivalent of the traditional handwritten signature, and has the same legal value - provided it is created by means compliant with the legislation. Essential to any digital signature system is the qualified signature certificate, which Actalis issues to the legitimate owner of a signature device (e.g. a smart card) after having carefully identified him/her.

SSL Server and Code Signing certificates


SSL certificates enable the SSL protocol on web sites, thereby protecting all sensitive transactions with those sites. The SSL protocol, also known as TLS, represents the best practice for securing a wide range of on-line services (e.g. e-banking, e-commerce, e-government, etc). Actalis offers SSL certificates that are pre-trusted in all browsers under all platforms at very convenient prices...

Digital Time-Stamping

Time Stamp

A digital time-stamping service associates an accurate time reference to a user's document by issuing a signed time-stamp token. This allows, under the legislation of several countries, to undeniably prove the earlier date & time of existance of the document to any third party. Actalis runs a high performance time-stamping service in full compliance with the applicable laws and technical standards (e.g. RFC 3161) ...

Ellips Toolkit


info available soon

Actalis ONE


It's an "All in One" solution for Subscribing Customers, based on a USB Token equipped with an ITSEC certified Microchip and a Flash Memory Chip (up to 4 GB) containing all the application for digital signature and much more. ActalisOne is a ready-to-use Zero foot-print solution, as it doesn't require any software/driver installation, it is portable and leave no trace of its use on the host PC.

Citizen cards


info available soon

Actalis ONE Server


info available soon

One-Time Password


info available soon